St. Patrick’s Day 2019, Belfast.

St. Patrick’s Day 2019 in Belfast.

Our city has more than it’s fair share of troubles but on days like this, we can remember all we love about Belfast and how she keeps us here. We rowed up the Lagan at 9am on St. Patrick’s day morning in pouring, freezing rain. Peter Giovanolli pulled the boat up out of the river and we all met up again at city hall, where the boat got her beautiful beat carnival flags and we got our faces painted in Rainbows. The sun shone, the crowd of faces of every colour, every one smiling, every one full of happiness and fellowship –  it was so beautiful. We listened to the Beat Drummers and the Belfast guitar orchestra playing Toto Africa, watched dancers, snakes, spectacular flower props, and atmosphere of love in the city was just amazing to bask in.

We wound our way through Belfast, ending up at Writer’s square, with one fewer mast.. but no matter. We mustered the crew again and relaunched back into the Lagan in wild winds. we had to clear away a mountain of debris to get back into the river, and had the most beautiful row back down to our berth at Lagan Lookout Marina.

Then off to the John Hewitt to drown the shamrocks. What a day to be alive!


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